About Us


Forty-four (44) years ago, the dream to work for a Colombia for everyone started, an initiative that was started by the Antiochian (from Antioquia, Colombia) businessperson, Alfredo Saldarriaga del Valle, his wife, Elvira Concha Cárdenas and their son, Ignacio Saldarriaga Concha. And this was how the Foundation got its start thanks to the path it has taken and the experience garnered, it is a solid institution that works for the inclusion of all people with emphasis on those with disabilities and those who are older than 60 (older persons).

History of the Saldarriaga Concha Foundation

Created in 1973 through the willingness of a businessman from Antioquia, Colombia, Alfredo Saldarriaga del Valle, his wife, Elvira Concha and their son, Ignacio. With the donation of their assets to form the initial start-up, the Foundation was created to improve the conditions of life, the opportunities to participate and social inclusion for persons with disabilities and for older persons in the country.  

First Steps
In the beginning, the investment was channeled through donations to projects presented by diverse organizations, considering itself as a cooperation organization or a second floor.

Based on our experience, organizational development and having as a reference the xxgood practices and trends of social investment around the world, our model of investment became stronger, adding to the economic contribution the components of technical support, project management and the strengthening of capabilities in the organizations and in the persons whom we have worked with.

Today, we have become consolidated into an entity that develops projects which are capable of influencing and transforming public social policy and in development in favor of the populations with whom we work contributing this way to the inclusion of thousands of Colombians regardless of their condition. In accordance with our institutional development and on par with the evolution of the social sector of the country, our intervention model shifted to the framework of the public-private alliances, where we develop projects with strategic partners and promote the active and committed participation of the communities we work with.

In the coming years, based on our experience and the knowledge that we have gathered and following the successful practices of the philanthropic sector of other countries, we hope to consolidate ourselves into a pragmatic actor that contributes to closing the gaps to inclusion in the country that involve different sectors of society for the welfare of persons whom we work for in the framework of peacebuilding and that shares its learning and knowledge in scenarios that transcend the borders of the country.